A very powerful system that crypts your drive. It was released to make unavailable the physical content of your hard disk by proceeding to the physical cryptation of the data stored in the disk itself, acting non on the single files, but on the tracks and sectors of the drive! Also the operative system is crypted, and it runs in crypted modality, including the temporary files and any other content of the entire disk.

L2MRemover (Look2Me Remover): This freeware utility should help you in removing the last variants of the Look2Me (vx2.look2me) virus from the infected pc. >>

EliteToolbar Remover: This freeware utility should help you in getting back your O.S. functionality by definitevely killing the very dangerous EliteToolbar malware. >>

Crypter V.1.0: It's a freeware utility that lets you crypt your pages or texts by using a 32 bit algorythm. You may use it to send crypted documents to your friends/collegues who have to know the password you used to crypt these texts. >>

BMPCrypt V.1.0: It's a freeware utility that use "steganographic injective technic" to litterally "inject" texts inside BMP pictures! So, after you have injected your private texts in some pictures, you can always keep them on the sight of all since nobody will understand this pictures contains your secrete data!











SmartScan is a new SimplyTech anti-virus which uses a completely new technic to clean your pc from certain persistant enemies like the so-called rootkits. Please read more info in the appropriate info-page in this site >>

Look2Me Remover

In November 2005 a new and very strong trojan has done its appearance on the Net. This dangerous malware is a variant of the just famous Look2Me (vx2.look2me) virus, known for its ability in hijacking an infected system. We, at SimplytTech.it have thought to do our part in the fight agains this virus so we have released a new removal utility called Look2Me Remover. The program is a freeware and runs on Windows 2000/XP only. Please read more info in the appropriate info-page in this site >>

EliteToolbar Remover

Since there's a new insidious menace for the cyber-surfers of the Net, we have released a freeware utility called EliteToolbar Remover, lets you to efficentely delete the new version of the EliteToolbar malware that is spreading all-over the Net. Please read more info in the appropriate info-page in this site >>


The first official version of DiskLock has been released for the market. The results on the tests based on the performances and the security level have been amazing, DiskLock is putted on the sector of softwares related to the protection of sensible data as a clear instrument for any user. The current version of DiskLock supports the following operative systems: Win98, WinME, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003. >>


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