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Installation guide.


How to install DiskLock

It's almost essential to remember that DiskLock has to be installed on a computer wich just has an Operative System. We support only the following O.S.: Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP.

We suggest you to use a uninterrutable power system during the DiskLock installation. That's to be sure that an energy interruption could not compromise the pc's restart and data.

We also suggest to make a hard backup of your exisisting data on a removable media (cd, dvd, cartridge, etc...) BEFORE installing DiskLock.

To install the program you have to boot via a bootable floppy disk, then, on the DOS line command prompt, after inserting our diskette with the program, you have to digit the word "disklock" and press ENTER on your keyboard..


The program will show you the device drive where it will be installed and will show you an Activation Code standing by to the request of the necessary Unlock Code.

Activation Code: 1234567890
Unlock Code: xxxxxxxxxx

The Unlock Code will be given to you by mail from our Customare Service once you have given us your Activation Code.

(The two serials depend on the structure of your hard disk. So, if you want to put this hard disk inside a different computer, it will continue to be protected by DiskLock anyway)

Once you have inserted the right Unlock Code, you must press the ENTER key.

That's now the most important point of the installation, you will be asked to put a personal password that will protect since now and forever your computer against anyone who doesn't know your password!

Installing DiskLock...
Type Key: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Choose your password (we sugest you to use an alfa/numerical password that is not smaller then 8 characters), then press ENTER.

The system will ask you to re-type the password to verify it was correct, so please digit it again and press ENTER.

Retype Key: xxxxxxxxxxxx

DiskLock will ask you if you are sure to proceed with the installation.When you will enter the "y" key, DiskLock will begin to install itself in that computer.

Are you sure (y/n)?

Since now you MUST DON'T switch off the power of your system, otherwise the programm won't be properly installed! DiskLock will proceed at first to verify the Operative System installed on the pc.

Finding system: WIN2K

The software will identify the modules that have to been installed.

Finding modules: 1/3

Will update the Operative System.

Updating system...

And will start to crypt sector by sector all the sectors of the hard disk. Then will install its own loader.

Processing sectors: 10573012/12578832

At the end of the installation, you'll be asked to create an Emergency Disk. It is useful when for any reason will be damaged the startup information that DiskLock uses to load at each pc re-start, we suggest you to create this Emergency Disk now as you cannot do it in a second time. If, for some reason, you don't want to create it you can simply remove the installation floppy.

Emergency Disk creation:
Insert floppy and press any key...

At this point, DiskLock will ask you to restart the pc.

Restarting system:
Remove floppy and press any key...

For the Windows 2000 and Windows XP systems will be necessary after the first re-start to enter the pc as Administrator. DiskLock will update again the system and will restart the machine for the last time.

From now till the future, you will finally have a secure system protected against any other eyes except yours!





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