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Tecnical support, F.A.Q.


DISKLOCK F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

· What is Disklock?
DiskLock is a software that crypts and decrypts, in real time, the entire content of your PC including ALL the data.

· Is its presence visible?
Disklock is completely invisible and transparent for the user.

· Can Disklock interfere with the normal using of the PC?
Absolutely not! In fact, Disklock works in the same level of the Operative Systemso it is 99,99% compatible with the most installed softwares.

· Can Disklock leave some trace of its presence in the PC?
There is NO trace of the DiskLock's activity on your PC.

· How can be installed?
Disklock requires a one-time only installation: the first time. It is installed via a floppy disk and for its continues working after the installation it doesn't require any other upgrade or new installation.

· What is its more important feature?
Disklock keeps unavailable to unauthorized people the ENTIRE content of our PC.

· In few and sinple words what is it?
Disklock is, substatially, an informatic burglar alarm.

· Who absolutely needs to install DiskLock?
Disklock is absolutely indispensable to anyone who wants the higher protection of his own privacy, it gives the strongest security against the theft or the unauthorized access of the data of a PC.

· What should be the user that takes more advantage from DiskLock?
We suggest the use of DiskLock to all the professional offices wich work and treat sensible or ultrasensible data of their customers, and also the banks, the commercials entities, the societies or the associations, and so on...

· Who finds or steals a personal computer or a laptop PC that is protected by DiskLock, can read any data stored in it?
Absolutely not! They can only format that pc and re-install an Operative System.

· And if he is a hacker and use "brute force attacks"?
Without knowing the password that activates the DiskLock decryptation NO-ONE can decrypt those data! Neither with a brute force attack!! There's no hacker that can do this!

· Will DiskLock crypts all my Operative System?
Yes, it crypts the ENTIRE content of your hard disk, including your Operative System!

· To install DiskLock should I completely re-install my Operative System and the programs I had previously installed?
No, DiskLock installs itself OVER the current Operative System and it doesn't interfere with your pre-existing programs!

· Using DiskLock may I loose some function of my Operative System?
The DMA support cannot be used under Win98/ME and the "Hibernate" function will no-longer works under Win2000/XP/2003.

· Can I install DOS softwares on a partition protected by DiskLock?
Yes, of course.

· Can I use partitioning system like Partition Magic or drive imaging tools like Norton's Ghost or DriveImage on a pc where is installed DiskLock?
No, you cannot use them. DiskLock crypts the entire partition and partitioning systems cannot be able to understand the DiskLock architecture. In fact, they will recognise a hard drive protected by DiskLock as if it was damaged or unrecognisable FAT system. of course the FAT will not be really damaged at all, but it is completely crypted and that keeps it unreadable by these type of softwares.

· Can I use my Windows reprise disk if I will need to repare my Operative System in the future?
Before to use a Windows reprise disk on a hard disk protected by DiskLock, you MUST do a decrypting operation before! DiskLock has an own emergency system called Emergency Disk that lets you, when a vital zone of DiskLock is damaged, to restart your Operative System.

· Does DiskLock crypt the entire hard disk partitioned in more part or only one partition?
DiskLock crypts only the boot partition, where is usually installed the Operative System.

· Does DiskLock works with RAID hardware? And RAID software?
We have never tested DiskLock on a RAID system, so we prefer to expressly say that RAID systems are NOT supported at this moment.

· What is the performance-loss in a system protected by DiskLock?
Mostly the users will not advice any performance-loss, anyway it can be measured at around the 5-30%. But these values depend on the different systems where DiskLock will be installed.





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